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Hormone Replacement Therapy (for Women)

There is a misconception that testosterone is only a male hormone. This is untrue, tester one it is also produced in women by the ovary. Although the level of testosterone in the women  is only 10% of the level in men, it rapidly declines during menopause along with estrogen and progesterone.

DNA Wellness and Longevity Institute offers Testosterone Hormone Replacement therapy for women.   Medical and scientific studies have proven that testosterone replacement for women can be invaluable life changer.

Most women can develop testosterone deficiency during the two to three years preceding menopause, but more commonly during the five years following.

Common symptoms of testosterone hormone deficiency in women include:

  • loss of vital energy and feeling of well-being
  • loss of your familiar level of sexual desire
  • loss of sexual sensitivity in your nipples and genitals
  • flatness of mood and some loss of mental sharpness
  • dry skin and brittle scalp hair
  • loss of muscle tone
  • increased cellulite
  • gaining of weight despite exercise
  • for some women: thinning or loss of pubic hair
  • decreased production of red blood cells by bone marrow  and loss of calcium from bones – which can contribute to  osteoporosis.
  • for some women: Loss of muscle tone in the bladder and  pelvis – resulting in symptoms of urinary incontinence.

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