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The skin is a remarkable, living organ with the incredible ability to renew itself from the inside out.

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Threading of the face or a thread face lift  is an in office procedure that utilizes dissolvable sutures/threads to tighten, lift, and regenerate collagen.

There are different types of threads that are used. PDO is one of the most common which stands for polydioxanone , and the other two types are (PLA) which is polylactic acid, and (PCA) polycaprolactone.

These can be placed in several areas in the on the body and face for  lifting, low face and mid face  sculpting, brow lifting , lip contouring, neck tightening, décolleté, and also areas on the body.

The results of threading procedure can last anywhere from one to three years. The actual threads dissolve within six months but the continuous process of collagen persists.

Benefits include: skin tightening, enhanced collagen, minimal invasive procedure, no bulking with filler
Vampire Breast Lift Certified Provider
Vampire Breast Lift Certified Provider

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