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Medical Weight Loss

Guidelines and recommendations are given at the conclusion of the 30 day program.

Medically Supervised Weight-Loss

Perfect for those that are overweight, suffer from obesity and even severe obesity. Our weight-loss treatments are provided in a clinical setting with a licensed healthcare professional. We offer weekly visits that include weigh-in and measurements, with fat burning injections. We also offer options of monthly visits.
At DNA Wellness and Longevity Institute in Naples, FL, we recommend medications to patients having trouble losing weight with lifestyle changes alone.
Several types of medication are commonly prescribed for obesity. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or greater. We offer solutions for other related conditions including type II diabetes or hypertension.
We also recommend medication to prevent overweight patients from developing obesity. Currently there are several medications that are approved by the FDA for weight loss

What is Obesity

Obesity is defined as having extra body weight a high amount of extra body fat.

Obesity raises the risk for increased health problems including, coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer.

Obesity is considered a chronic disease that can seriously affect your health and is the leading preventable causes of death in the United States.

Public health experts agree that overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions in this country and around the world.

HCG Protocol

The HCG Diet is a rapid weight loss program featuring pharmaceutical grade HCG injections. HCG is known for fast tracking medical weight loss.

Patients have been known to lose up to 45 pounds, within 45 days. The HCG diet is under direct supervision of our team of qualified professionals at The DNA Wellness and Longevity Institute.

Researchers discovered HCG is an effective method to promote natural weight loss. Combining a naturally balanced low calorie diet with HCG, can help trigger the brain to burn stored fat and melt the pounds away.

Patients struggling with up-and-down dieting find this program is truly revolutionary. Most importantly in conjunction with the HCG injections, our wellness team will provide nutritional counseling.

To begin burning the excess fat stored and effectively lose weight we inject the patient with the HCG hormone daily during a period of low calorie consumption you mimic this scenario.

This process comes in four phases:

Phase 1: “The loading phase,” encourages high caloric consumption in an effort to build up fat stores. This step is a deliberate step to set yourself up for success with the rest of the diet.

Phase 2: This phase can last from 23 to 40 days depending on your doctor’s recommendation. In this phase calories are drastically restricted. This condition is simply caused from normal eating habits brought on by stress and social conditions.

Phase 3: The third phase, is the stabilization phase during which you no longer need the injections. In this phase you will still need to weigh yourself daily to ensure that your weight loss is remaining stable. You’ll receive specific guidance as to what foods to eat at this phase from our staff.

Phase 4: The final phase is the maintenance phase and conditions you for long term success. It becomes the gateway to a healthier diet and lifestyle which is much less restrictive than phase 2 and 3.

Fat Burning Injections

Patients wanting to help their body burn fat faster will come to DNA Wellness and Longevity Institute for metabolic injections.

These unique shots for weight loss can help speed up the weight loss process, as well as have many other healthy benefits.

Our shots are routinely used by nutrition-oriented physicians to help with weight management.

With our lipotropic injections/fat burning injections, you may notice an energy boost, improved mental clarity, better sleep, and an overall sense of well being.

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